Evergreen and C Street

Construction activity on the Mill Plain corridor continued at full speed in June, with more substantial work occurring at some locations as future BRT stations begin to take shape. Overall, construction remains focused primarily on the west side of the project corridor, between Fort Vancouver Way and 97th Avenue. Specific tasks have included excavation, sidewalk work and adding concrete bus pads in the roadway. Crews have also set the foundations of what will become station platforms at several locations. On the east end of the corridor and elsewhere, preparations continued for fiber and utility work that will happen concurrently with station construction.


In June, workers completed major work in the downtown Vancouver area. That includes two new BRT stations—Evergreen and C Street eastbound, and Evergreen and Broadway westbound—plus modifications to the existing BRT station at Turtle Place. Crews also installed a shelter structure at Mill Plain and Reserve Street in June. Additional shelter structures will continue to arrive in the coming months as work progresses at other locations.


Station construction will continue on the west end of the project corridor in July. Crews will begin work at some new locations, as activity at other sites winds down. That’s part of the phased approach to construction, so different locations see activity at different times. For fiber and utility work, activity will increase on the east end of the corridor.

Construction Phase Map

The Vine Mill Plain Construction Phases

Questions or concerns? Call or text the Mill Plain BRT construction hotline at 360-953-3330, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Construction Overview

C-TRAN officially broke ground on the Mill Plain BRT project in September 2021. Construction areas will include a new transit center near 184th Avenue and Mill Plain, and 37 new station platforms along the 10-mile Mill Plain corridor.

Construction will occur in phases during the two-year work period, meaning different areas will see construction activity at different times.

Current activity

Construction is underway at multiple locations. Expect to see construction activity at these future BRT station locations along the Mill Plain corridor:

  • Seventh Street at Turtle Place
  • Fort Vancouver Way (eastbound)
  • Fort Vancouver Way (westbound)
  • Reserve Street (westbound)
  • Reserve Street (eastbound)
  • V Street (eastbound)
  • V Street (westbound)
  • Grand Boulevard (westbound)
  • Brandt Road (eastbound)
  • Devine Road (westbound)
  • Andresen Road (westbound)
  • Garrison Road (westbound)
  • 87th Avenue (eastbound)
  • 97th Avenue (westbound)

The length of construction at each location will vary as crews work to complete each new station. Each phase of work is expected to last approximately four to six months. The public should expect temporary closures of sidewalks, bus stops and traffic lanes; however, access to adjacent businesses will remain open.

Mill Plain Corridor Map (click for enlargement)

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